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Personal injuries resulting from airplane, train, and motorcycle accidents can range from the tremendous destruction and loss of life caused by a crash to less serious but still significant injuries. Victims of these accidents, and the families of those who have lost their lives, can turn toDyson & Levy for experienced legal counsel and compassionate support.

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Since 1989, our Delray Beach motorcycle accident lawyer has been protecting the rights of those who have been seriously injured or have lost loved ones in catastrophic accidents. With transportation accidents such as those involving trains, planes, and motorcycles, there are many complex factors that must be successfully addressed to secure a fair settlement or award. Our Delray Beach plane accident lawyers have the resources to fully investigate these complicated claims and the experience to know what to look for in terms of negligence and liability. We are a formidable opponent for any insurance provider or transportation company attempting to deny responsibility or undervalue claims.

Investigating a Motorcycle, Train, or Plane Accident

When it comes to accidents involving planes and trains, dozens or even hundreds of people can be seriously injured or may lose their lives. Innocent passengers may be injured while traveling on airplanes, trains, and motorcycles, suffering harm from falls, slip and fall accidents, being struck by items falling from overhead bins, burns, and more. These types of accidents and injuries can introduce a number of complex issues. Fortunately, Dyson & Levy is up to the challenge.

Our Delray Beach motorcycle accident attorneys know what questions to ask and how to investigate these to identify cause, assign liability, and pursue maximum compensation for our clients:

  • Was pilot or conductor error to blame?
  • Was equipment improperly maintained?
  • Did the staff onboard act appropriately to try to prevent injury?
  • Was there inadequate security on board?
  • Were hazardous conditions present on the plane or train?

If your injuries occurred because of any type of negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing on the part of a crew member, attendant, pilot, conductor, manufacturer, or any employee of the transportation company, you may have grounds for a claim. Allow Dyson & Levy the opportunity to investigate the matter to determine how to best proceed.