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Dyson & Levy is currently accepting cases from property owners whose homes, buildings, businesses, yachts, planes, and other belongings have sustained significant damage due to a natural disaster or any unforeseen circumstance. This may include property damage claims caused by windstorms such as hurricanes and tornados, as well as flooding, fire, and environmental-related claims.

In many of these cases, disputes can arise between insurance policyholders and their insurance companies over several issues. Our goal is to address each of these in order to pursue the full and fair value of our client’s claim. You can find out how a Delray Beach insurance dispute attorney at Dyson & Levy can manage your claim, negotiate with the insurance company, and take your case to court if needed to pursue maximum benefits.

For a free initial consultation, call (561) 498-9979. We are highly skilled in handling high-end property damage disputes across South Florida.

Facing Off Against Insurance Providers in High-Value Property Damage Claims Disputes

It takes resources, legal knowledge, and tenacity to effectively counter an insurance provider’s attempts to undervalue, delay, or deny an insurance claim for high-value property damage:

  • First, the cause and/or source of the damage is often contested, no matter how straightforward it may appear to be. This results in the involvement of one or more insurance adjusters whose job is to assess the damage and source of that damage.
  • Second, on many occasions, whether the items damaged are actually covered by the insurance company as defined by the applicable insurance policy will have to be explored. Insurance contracts tend to be written using legalese and vague terms, often leaving the policyholder wondering what he or she just read over and what it means.
  • Third, the value and/or cost of the damaged property will likely be questioned, raising the issue of whether it the value and/or cost are to be estimated based on its resale value or based on its depreciation value.

Our Delray Beach plaintiff insurance claim lawyers have handled property damage dispute cases where:

  • The insurance company has denied fault for any property damage sustained by their policyholder and/or questioned the validity of the claim;
  • The insurance company has claimed that its policyholder has materially misrepresented either the cause of the damage, the amount of the property damage, and/or the assets which were damaged;
  • The insurance company has estimated the amount of monetary damages to be considerably less than the amount claimed by the policyholder; and/or
  • The insurance company has claimed the damaged property is not covered by the terms of the insurance policy or falls under some type of exclusion of coverage.

Insurance companies have legions of lawyers whose job is to protect the insurance company’s interests as opposed to yours. If you attempt to take on an insurance company without legal representation, the odds are against you. When you are faced with a property damage dispute, Dyson & Levy can step in and protect your rights. We are handling these cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that no fee or cost will be charged to you unless there is a recovery. You should feel very confident when retaining our firm in handling your high-end property damage dispute.

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